A Waco man is battling for his life tonight after an 18-wheeler accident this morning in the town of Lolita, Texas. This accident left the man with several burns across his body and tonight Texas DPS Troopers are investigating how the crash happened. The driver of this semi truck veered off the highway, plunged into a guard rail, jack-knifing and heading into the path of another vehicle before the truck burst into flames.
It was an accident that first responders were not expecting to find. Texas DPS Troopers say this US Army truck was traveling East-bound on FM 3131 before drifting to the right, plowing through the guard rail. The truck burst into flames from the wreck, melting the truck’s cab. Since everyone involved in the accident was injured, it was difficult to determine exactly what happened.
Charred debris covered the highway with burning tires, and melted engine parts from the intense heat. Emergency responders say that the driver of the truck, James Berry, suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns in the crash. The driver of the car traveling west-bound was also injured in the wreck.
“After striking the guard rail, he jack-knifed, came into the west-bound lane…there was a vehicle traveling west-bound that was able to avoid striking the east bound tractor trailer, basically side swiping the left rear of the trailer,” said Trooper Tim Nelson with the Texas Department of Public Safety.
The female driver of the west-bound car, Melody Craig, was from Edna and luckily her injuries were minor. The driver of the US Army truck, James Barry, from Waco, was air-lifted to Brooks Army Medical Hospital where he is being treated for 2nd and 3rd degree burns where he is in guarded condition.

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