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When you or someone you know has been killed or hurt, you need a team of East Texas personal injury lawyers with the tenacity and skill to win cases no matter how big and wealthy the other side is. At Tefteller Law, PLLC we are a dedicated firm of attorneys and highly trained paralegals who work together to get you everything you deserve. Whether your case stems from a commercial truck wreck, an 18-wheeler collision, an auto accident, or something else that resulted in serious injuries, our East Texas law firm has the resources, skill, and toughness to represent you. These days, it is hard to find justice when you have been injured or a loved one has been killed by someone else’s negligence or recklessness. When that day comes, we will be there to stand up for you and take the fight to them.

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Many times, in today’s world of fast-paced advertising, lawyers make big promises but fail to back them up. When you or someone you care about has been injured or killed due to someone else’s negligence and irresponsibility, you need a law firm who will actually work on your case from start to finish and not just kick your case along to some lawyer who lives hundreds of miles away who you will never meet. You are a person and you deserve to work with your lawyer as part of a team, not become a faceless case number in someone’s file cabinet.

We are lawyers, not case brokers. With our teamwork approach to litigation, our clients form an integral part of our legal team. With us, you will get personalized dedication wherein we strive to maximize results. You will be able to rest a little more comfortably knowing that our attorneys and dedicated legal support staff are working hard for you and no one else.

Please contact our law firm immediately so that we can get to work advancing your rights. Call us today at (903) 843-5678 or email us using our simple online contact form!

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