Did you know that if Texas were a separate nation, it would rank in the top ten of the world’s oil producers? It is amazing, but it is also a fact. The rapid development of oil wells and drilling rigs in Texas makes it the home of up to a quarter of all rigs in the entire world. If all of this seems unbelievable, you are not alone. As Forbes reports, the extraordinary growth of the Texas oil industry continues to baffle economists and thrill the state leadership, as unprecedented and unexpected revenue growth now allows for increased funding for long-needed maintenance and infrastructure expansion. Needless to say, the state is also investing heavily in further oil and gas exploration and extraction to keep the momentum going for as long as possible. In addition to being one of the leading sources for oil, Texas has continued the expansion of its natural gas output and now ranks only behind Russia and the rest of the United States.

How Does It Affect You?

Where does that take us? If you are involved in a field or profession related to all of the above, it is evident that Texas is the place to be. The current boom, which does not appear to be only short-lived or fleeting, is sure to increase the demand for oil rig workers, engineers, heavy machinery operators, prospectors, geophysicists and so on.  The state itself would not be able to provide all of the specialists required if it is to ride this high tide for long.

One of the things this boom could mean for you personally, should you come to Texas to work at one of the many new and old natural resources extraction sites across the state, would be a mechanical process called induced hydraulic fracturing or fracking, for short.  The process entails injecting highly pressurized liquid into a well-bore in order to create fractures in the rock. Natural gas and petroleum can then be extracted through these little holes.

While the industry will tell you a lot of great things about the economic impact of fracking, there is another side of the story that you should be aware of: health concerns. This new process is currently under investigation for potentially causing cancer and negatively affecting the nervous system, the skin, the cardiovascular system and so on.

There is a lot of debate about fracking with people supporting both sides of the issue. As a field worker in the industry, you have a right to know about fracking and any other issue that may pose a threat to your health and safety in the field.  Your employer should fully disclose this information and have the appropriate safety protocols in place.  You must also take it upon yourself to be informed and educated so you can choose wisely which job sites are safe for you.

Help is at Hand if you need it

All of this is not to scare you from working at an oil or gas site in Texas. Awareness on any job site is prudent.  However, no matter how cautious you or your employer may be, accidents can still occur and when they happen, look up Tefteller Law for help.

We are here for those that have been hurt or injured. Motivated by a desire to see justice carried out on behalf of the victim means we fight hard for you.  Our attorneys have the knowledge and the expertise to ensure you get the support and care that you deserve.

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