The Wood County Grand Jury heard the case of the driver accused of hit and run north of Mineola Oct. 4.
Wood County District Attorney Jim Wheeler said while he could not comment on grand jury proceedings, he could confirm that the grand jury that convened Friday did hear the Connie Young case. Young was the driver named by the Texas Department of Public Safety in connection with the accident that resulted in the death of 15-year-old Jacob Burrell of Mineola.
Wheeler said Monday morning he could not comment on the case but that the DPS “provided a well-worked case. It was solid and professional,” he said. The charge against Young that was heard was causing an accident resulting in serious bodily injury or death. The district attorney noted that under the Texas Transportation Code, fundamentally if there is an accident causing serious injury or death it is the driver’s duty to return to the scene and render aid and all information required.
A witness told authorities on the night of the tragedy that he saw a white Avalanche hit the boy and without stopping leave the scene. He provided an accurate description of the vehicle and a week later authorities identified the driver, who is from Golden.

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